The CE Shop and Pavely Announce Partnership!

The CE Shop and Pavely Announce Partnership Streamlining Innovative Community Growth and Success For Real Estate Professionals.

The CE Shop, an award-winning organisation rated as one of the top 5 online real estate institutions in American, specialising in online real estate education, and Pavely, a sophisticated community growth platform for both real estate professionals and the community have announced their partnership. This partnership will provide innovative tools to assist the growth of new and established real estate professionals whilst connecting them to their local community.

The CE Shop, having been named the best institution in 2021 for continuous online education and the direct connection to Pavely only hones in on the values of the CE Shop.

Pavely is the missing LINK between real estate professionals and their community, this community growth tool now allows real estate professionals to quickly innovate, automate, connect and grow in one centralised place.

Pavely gives rise to an intuitive system which at its core connects the missing pieces in a real estate professionals tech stack and enables local businesses to also benefit via Pavely’s feature “Business connect”.

Traditionally Real Estate Professionals have struggled with the following:

  • Lack of referrals
  • Ability to be known as the local leader or market expert
  • Struggle to connect to their community
  • Competitive and saturated market
  • Shortage of buyers/sellers
  • Low property inventory

The global real estate market for new and established real estate professionals has continued to grow and more so due to COVID-19 therefore resulting in an oversaturated and competitive industry with low inventory and lack of connection to the community. This has caused a wedge between successful agents and unsuccessful agents as building your personal brand and being recognised as a Market Expert is challenging.

There are a variety of real estate advertising and marketing platforms with similar business models however these vendors lack the ability to simultaneously focus on the growth and connection of the community along side real estate professionals success which is of importance as the community is the core to a real estate professionals growth.

Pavely closes the gab on the struggles which real estate professionals face today, allowing real estate professionals to now have a centralised tool which houses their entire online ecosystem thus removing data silos and missed opportunities.

The partnership between The CE Shop and Pavely allows new and established real estate professionals to leverage a tool which continues to scale and grow with them in their careers. This is of importance in a fast paced industry; Pavely generates a collective community hub of success on both ends, drives referrals, increases buyers/sellers and sores personal brand for local real estate professionals; being known in the community as the GO-TO-AGENT is as simple as one LINK.

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