Turn your community into life time customers

Get to really know your customers - connect with your customers, fix every broken experience, and at the same time acquire more customers as you increase customer loyalty and spend simultaneously.

With Business connect, you get the power and intelligence, so you can now be the core to the driving force of your current customer base’s experience and the connection to your untapped potential customers.

Local growth

New levels of growth and exposure locally

This exposure drives new traffic and places you in front of people who may have never seen your business before-now your deals, events, coupons can be snatched up faster, your businesses brand awareness grows organically, you become connected to locals and visitors from out of town whilst streamlining your business and setting it up to scale to levels unimaginable.

You are now apart of a growing community which helps you, the community and other local businesses.

Why is social media important

With 3.8 billion active social media users (that’s 48% of the world’s population) and 70% of this number being businesses, connecting with local businesses and their audience is an important factor for Real Estate professionals and here is WHY....

Local center

Local businesses are the centre to your community.


They are the connection between you and the people living and visiting the area.

Know the community

Local businesses know who lives in the community, who’s buying, who’s selling.


They are your one degree of separation to a wider and larger sphere of influence.


Why it's important to connect to local businesses

Connecting and collaborating with your fellow Local businesses collectively grows your business and theirs simultaneously.

Local businesses have their own social network, their own marketing and advertising and together you are both promoted to new and established customers.

Everything’s done for you and it’s organic!

For Example: If your fellow neighbourhood business has  followers on social media, when you link with them you’re both automatically exposed to each other’s audience therefore driving new customers to your business, increasing revenue, growing brand awareness, promoting each other whilst adding value to the community.

You’re now the business providing the community with a hub to discover local deals, events and more whilst driving traffic into local businesses.

Start connecting!!!