Business connect for agents

Support local - Become the center of your community, connect directly to local businesses with Pavely Business Link.

Promote your local businesses while they refer you.

Support local

How it works for agents

Real Estate Professionals who partner with local businesses, give local businesses the opportunity to purchase Pavely LINK for business and host their own business connect. Now local businesses can promote their deals, coupons, events and YOU within the community and further!

The more businesses connected and supported by you (Real Estate professionals) results in a wider sphere of influence, more referrals, increase in buyers/sellers whilst being branded as the market expert within the community.

So why connect with them?

Real Estate professionals partner with local businesses to promote their deals, events, coupons and more whilst simultaneously driving referrals, increasing your database and growing your brand within the community.

Local Businesses

Why is social media important

With 3.8 billion active social media users (that’s 48% of the world’s population) and 70% of this number being businesses, connecting with local businesses and their audience is an important factor for Real Estate professionals and here is WHY....

Local center

Local businesses are the centre to your community.


They are the connection between you and the people living and visiting the area.

Know the community

Local businesses know who lives in the community, who’s buying, who’s selling.


They are your one degree of separation to a wider and larger sphere of influence.


Why it's important to connect to local businesses

Local businesses have their own social network, their own marketing and advertising and you automatically become apart of their audience and online ecosystem.

For Example: If your local Starbucks cafe has 4000 followers on social media, when you partner with your local Starbucks or any other business in your community you automatically are now exposed to their audience and more.

This partnership brands you as a real estate agent whom is known within the community, who has local knowledge - which is the first thing someone looks for in an agent when looking to buy or sell a property.

You’re now the agent providing the community with a hub to discover local deals, events and more whilst driving traffic into local businesses.